Monday, October 4, 2010

Cook once, Eat twice: Chicken Part 1

We spent most of the day at the fair on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time, but it got really cold when the sun went down. Even with warm clothes, we were freezing!  I know they say you can't get sick from being in the cold, but today my husband and I both woke up feeling a little under the weather. When I am sick the first thing I do is have some soup. Chicken soup is like medicine in a bowl, only it tastes way better!

The sad thing about being an adult and being sick means that life still marches on. You still have family to cook for, jobs to go to, things to clean. There are not very many sick days that are enjoyable anymore. Making a big pot of soup not only helps you to get better, but is easy to make (anyone could do this,) and if you are really under the weather, is food for another day.

Chicken Soup

To make the broth
Add several pieces chicken to a large pot and cover with water.
Add salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Boil until meat is cooked and reaches a temperature of 165 degrees. Remove chicken to a plate to cool.

Strain broth through a metal sieve and return to pot.

Add sliced carrots, small pieces of celery and diced onions, chopped parsley, and a little rosemary to the pot and cook until soft.

If you want to make chicken stock:
Strain out the veggies and herbs. You can use this instead of canned broth or bouillon.

If you are making Chicken noodle:
Shred some chicken with a fork and add to pot.
Cook noodles in a separate pot and add to the broth.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Cook once, Eat twice- Part Two!

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