Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peaches and Cream Smoothie

Growing up my sister and I loved to make smoothies. I loved to make pear smoothies and she loved peach. At some point along the way we got off of our can of fruit, ice and milk concoctions. All week long I have been so hungry for a peach smoothie. Today I decided to sleep in and make a nice breakfast.

Here is a really good recipe for a peach smoothie. Its great for a light breakfast or an evening snack.

Peach Smoothie

Frozen peach slices
Canned peaches
Vanilla Extract

In a blender layer about a cup of frozen peach slices and  about a 1/2 cup of canned peaches.
Add 1/4 cup of milk and an 1/8 cup of juice from the canned peaches (my peaches are home canned and are in apple juice.) Blend. If your blender gets stuck, add a little bit more milk and juice and blend until smooth. Garnish with a slice of peach or a little bit of cinnamon.

Happy Cooking!!



sugarcookie067 said...

Your smoothies look really good! Makes me want to go make one right now!

Sara Anne said...

Aw thanks love!