Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spice it up!

My mom recently gave me a beautiful spice rack. She got it for me soon after I started blogging. It has been a blessing! I no longer have spices falling off the shelf and pouring all over the floor. It also looks really pretty in my kitchen and is a reminder to use these ingredients to intensify flavor, and beauty in my dishes. I thought I would share a few of my favorite spice and seasoning blends with you today.

Lemon Pepper- Great on chicken, or fish.
Joy's Blend- Great on meats, veggies, in soups, and stocks.
Italian Seasoning- Good on breads, in sauces.

Herbs and Spices
Garlic Powder- I really cannot find anything that isn't good with a little garlic.
Dill- I put dill on veggies and fish.
Cinnamon- I love to put a little in my desserts, it tastes good, and works to control insulin levels.
Parsley- I put it in everything. It really brightens up dishes and imparts a great flavor.

Joy's Blend
Kosher salt
Dried garlic

Mix equal parts salt, garlic, and parsley. Add pepper to taste. Seal in an airtight container.

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