Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome to Good burger!

My husband seriously loves cheese burgers! They are delicious, but I can sometimes get bored with a patty with cheese on a hamburger roll with mayo and ketchup.This got me thinking of ways to jazz burgers up a little. There are tons of ways to change up a burger from the roll, to the toppings, even the meat (ground turkey, grilled chicken, loose sausage, crab cake.) What's great is that they are so customizable that your family could have burgers and each one be a reflection of their tastes. That's how dinner worked yesterday.

A few years back I had a really good bruschetta burger at a chain restaurant. I am pretty sure it was a turkey burger on a ciabatta roll with mozzarella and bruschetta. The roll was brushed with pesto and was served with these really good garlic fries. I thought - "Hey I'm having this tonight!" When I got to the store I found one kind of bruschetta that didn't look all that great, and ended up going another route. I highly recommend making these guys sometime.

My husband's favorite burger when we go out is a Cowboy burger. They are really good and are always way too big for my mouth. I knew I was making this for him for sure. I settled on a mushroom Swiss burger.

Cowboy Burger

American or Cheddar Cheese
Cooked Bacon, we use the ready stuff
Honey BBQ Sauce, I like Kraft
Onion rings, make sure you get the once made from minced onions, they just work better than taking a bite and ending up with a whole unbreaded ring.

Make a patty out of the hamburger and grill to taste. We like them well done, about 165 degrees.
Top with cheese and bacon and grill for a few seconds longer to melt the cheese.
Place on roll and top with a few tablespoons of BBQ sauce and a few onion rings.

We jazzed both of the burgers up even more by choosing Pretzel rolls instead of the standard hamburger or kaiser roll.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Swiss Cheese
Onion slices
Mushroom slices

Cook onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil over medium heat until caramelized.Use any leftovers for an omelet.

Follow the same steps as above for making, and cooking the patty, making sure to heat the cheese a little longer for the Swiss.

To assemble, place the patty on a roll and top with onions, and mushrooms.

A word about our burgers- we always use lean ground beef to make our burgers. We don't use the pre-made ones and we use a George Foreman to grill them. Who wouldn't it is a fat burning machine and we get great grill marks!

Happy Cooking!



sugarcookie067 said...

These look really good! Made me kinda hungry for a burger. I've really been into fried onions lately and a burger with fried onions, cheese, & BBQ sauce would be yummy!

Anonymous said...

These look rediculously delicious!
Even better if you have a good bit of beef to go in them! Try Snow Creek Ranch's Steakburger- it's grass fed, free range, hormone and steroid free, all their meat is finished on flax which totally makes it delicious!