Monday, November 1, 2010

New dishes

They say that variety is the spice of life, and I totally agree, especially in the kitchen. I love to try new dishes. It is so much fun to try something new and expand your food tastes, preferences, and cooking styles.

I was recently inspired to try a new dish. I watched the The Ramen Girl staring Brittney Murphy and it got me really wanting the soup. So I did a little research and found out that ramen is not all that hard to make (or so I thought.) I planned to make some and found that I would have to go to a specialty market to get almost all of my ingredients. The nearest Asian Market is about an hour away, so I knew I would not be making this during the week.

As my husband pulled into the market it was unlike anything I had ever seen! There were only a few items that I could identify, most of the packaging was not in English, and I was experiencing a combination of awe and culture shock. I thought about leaving and just hitting up a Chinese restaurant on the way home just so that I didn't have to ask for help (that sounds stupid, but it was where I was at), my husband had other plans, and went to get the store clerk. We got all of our ingredients and headed home. 

I started making my dashi (broth) right away. I soaked my mushrooms and got out my benito flakes and I totally chickened out. I wasn't putting fish flakes in my soup, and it was an entirely too long of a process to make the stock from them. So I made a chicken and Shiittake broth instead (I still don't know what I am going to use the fish flakes for!) My husband and I each did a batch of noodles. I have to say making the dough was easy, but cutting them was nuts. I could not cut them thin enough, and I couldn't get the dough to go through my pasta roller (it's going back.) The next time I do it, I am buying soba noodles. They will be a lot lighter and they will be so much quicker.

What it's supposed to look like.
Photo Courtesy of Tasty Island Hawaii

What it is not supposed to look like.

Photo courtesy of Fan Pop


Photo courtesy of my camera, he he
So here it is, sure my noodles were too thick, but I had a great time trying something new. It was a very filling meal, that was completely out of what we normally cook. I know it is a little hard to see in the picture, but this dish was incredibly pretty and I had such a great time doing the presentation aspect of the dish. While we were at the Asian Market, we picked up a whole bunch of things that we are going to try, I think Temporah is next!

Get out there and try something new,  Happy Cooking!


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sugarcookie067 said...

I really enjoyed this post! I got a little creative tonight by making candied butternut squash. I would normally only use yams (I even bought some at the store tonight)but thought what the heck. Your Pop enjoyed it very much. This post inspired me to cook something new this week.