Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sand Key Island

Adam and I getting ready to take off

It's not always sunny in Philadelphia
This past week I was in Florida soaking up some rays with my toes in the sand. My husband was down for a business trip and I decided to tag along. This was my first time flying and I was completely terrified. I was convinced that we were going to die in a plane crash, my other thought was that I wouldn't die and just spend 2 hours puking in front of a bunch of strangers. The thought of security seeing me naked in those new security scanners, was not high on my list either.

Before long we were boarding our plane in Philadelphia, and were in the air. It was beautiful! The sun was shining, the clouds were white and fluffy, and it was a smooth ride all the way to Tampa and a taxi ride later we were on Sand Key Island, greeted by warm breezes and sunshine, something that we have not seen in Pennsylvania for a while.

Dinner on the first night was a real experience! We went to The Columbia, a Spanish restaurant not far from our hotel. I had the Palomilla, a thin marinated sirloin grilled and topped with onion, parsley, and lime. It was served with plantains and yellow rice. It paired nicely with their Sangria that was made table side. We ended our meal with Flan. This was my first time trying Spanish (not Mexican) food. It was really quite good. Although there were way to many onions on my steak, I had a great time overlooking the water and trying new foods.

The second night we went to Backwaters I had a delicious Chicken Teriyaki that was topped with grilled mango and had a fantastic risotto, Adam had the Chicken Teriyaki sandwich with grilled pineapple, that was also really tasty. We spent the night on their deck that was warmed with propane heaters to keep the night chill away . There were tons of families there and one table of kids provided tons of entertainment. They performed a series of patriotic songs and had the whole deck in applause. If you go, be sure to try the peachy-tini they are really good.

We had wonderful breakfasts at our hotel. Friendly staff and fresh squeezed orange juice greeted us as we had a wonderful breakfast that was really fresh and really good. Breakfast seems to be the meal they do best, although I did not try their dinner items. The Islands Cafe was a great spot for lunch. The hotel was great, it was on the beach and had a great pool and hot tub. The staff was really friendly and the rooms were really clean. No bed bugs here!
The Hotel was so lush and green!
A sailboat not far off the coast.


The hotel hosts a Jazz Festival every year. It's crazy. Those old people really know how to party. They led a parade from the beach through the pool area, to the lobby and on. Dancing, playing their instruments, singing and clapping. It was a real celebration.

 I felt like I had gone back to summer, not a few days from Thanksgiving. After several days of relaxing in the sun, I have returned more red than tan. I am back home ready to go back to knitting scarves and sipping cocoa. 

What are your travel plans for the holidays? Going anywhere cool? Share your travels! We would love read about them!


Coming up Next week: Special Guests share their favorite Thanksgiving Recipes.

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