Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food Gifts

When I think of food gifts I think about delicious foods, beautifully presented and happily consumed. Plates of cookies, fudge, homemade candy are all really great ideas for gifts. This year I will be giving some of my canned goods that I canned over the summer as well as some really good hot chocolate to go with my cookies.

Today I will be sharing a few website to get you started on your gift giving.

Christmas Cookies

This site has every cookie imaginable!! It's a great resource for the home baker.

Gifts in a Jar

These beautiful jars make cooking a breeze for the reciever, and are filled with wonderful items.

Other options for food gifts include, homemade dipping oils, spice blends, cereal blends, and homemade granola.

Think beyond the gift card or fruit basket, and give your special someone some of your cooking.

Merry Christmas!


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