Friday, December 10, 2010

Frugal Friday- Laundry Soap

Not long after I moved out, my mom started making her own laundry soap. I have to say I honestly thought she had gone a little batty, it takes 1-2 minutes tops to pick laundry soap out (maybe a little longer if you if you smell all the scents) not to mention you just have to dump it in and presto change-o clean clothes come out of the washer. I was amazed over time how her clothes smelled good, looked good, and it made a huge vat of detergent. When she told me it was super cheap and didn't irritate her skin, I thought okay, I will try it when my laundry soap runs out. So I got the recipe and in the meantime did laundry with the old stuff.

So I have begun to make my own laundry soap. I got my recipe here. It's there, you just scroll down a little bit, there are two versions, the dry and the liquid. I made the liquid.
I have since done a little digging around the web for other recipes. They are all pretty much the same, the only thing that really changes are the bar soaps used. I have seen Ivory used, Zote, Fels Naphta, Kirk's. Its all up to you and what you can find locally. My soap is unscented, I didn't have any essential oils to add. I would love to make a scented batch maybe with lavender, rose, or a citrus scent. I am sure you could use a blend of oils to create your own unique smelling laundry soap.

These 3 inexpensive ingredients are all you need to make your own laundry soap.
But here is the real question- does it save money? I had my husband do a little calculating based on the soap that we would normally buy and here is what he came up with.

It cost us $1.51 to make a 5 gallon bucket. That costs about 2 cents per load.  Gain detergent is about 50 cents per load. At 10 loads a week we would be saving $250 per year, just by making our own soap. As my husband said, that's money in the bank. In the long run, small cost cutting measures will add up to big savings long term.

  • I don't dilute the laundry soap a second time as is suggested. I am sure it would be a lot cheaper and more savings if you did, but I really like fresh smelling clothes that are clean and my mom says that it works better when you don't dilute it, so I listened to her.  
 I like to give mine a stir before each use, because it's a little gloopy. Just add a cup the washer and add clothes.

Have a great weekend.


Coming up next week: Homemade gifts, Cookies, and more!

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Trish Killion said...

I am so going to try this! Thank you, Joy!!!