Monday, January 10, 2011

Woosh: Fires, Furnaces and Freakouts

Today I woke up in the worlds greatest mood. I stayed in bed a little extra and planned my day. My bed was so warm and toasty, and I could wait a few more minutes until breakfast anyway. I planned on getting up and making a big pot of tea, and 2 poached eggs and toast. I planned to get my grocery list around, do a little cleaning and some laundry.

When I got out of bed, I realized my house was very cold. Then I remembered...

My husband got up for work around 6:30 and took an ice cold shower. I got up with him for a few minutes and turned on the heat. Apparently the heater had kicked off in the night. He restarted it and headed out to work for the day. I decided to head back to bed because I was still tired, and the house was already clean. I turned up the heat and went upstairs to snuggle in.

I thought, why is my house cold when we fixed the heater earlier? So I called my husband at work and ask him to walk me through how to start up the heater if it kicks off. He told me all I have to do is push this little red button and I should hear a woosh sound and it should run. Well it started to run and their was no woosh sound, so I looked in the furnace, and there was not anything glowing warmth from within. I took a few steps from the furnace, and WOOSH, there were flames and a whole lot of smoke.

I thought, oh my God, my house is on fire! I went running over to my landlord that lives next door, and he instructed me on how to kill the power to the furnace, which had already stopped running. So I did that and spent the rest of the morning a worried wreck that I was going to either freeze to death, since it was in the 50's in my house, get carbon monoxide poisoning, or if I turned on my stove I would set my house ablaze.

Within about an hour the guy was here fixing it, and all is well in my basement, but wowsers! My morning did not go as planned!


P.S. Remember to have your furnace tuned up yearly to prevent this type of excitement and be sure to have a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home!

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