Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A heavenly Treat

Over the weekend I wanted to have a light dessert. I wasn't interested in something super sweet, nor was I interested in something super dense or rich. I decided I would try an angel food cake. I had never made an angel food cake from scratch, so I googled it. I became instantly disappointed because I didn't have any cake flour and was already in my pj's.

What's a girl to do?  It was one of those times when I wanted to stay home, be in my pjs, and bake with my husband- not run to the store! Instead I searched for a recipe that didn't use cake flour and found one from King Arthur Flour.

Let me tell you about this recipe, it was super easy, and delicious. The hardest part of the whole thing was figuring out what to do with all of those 12 leftover egg yolks. I ended up making french toast the next day, and freezing the rest for a custard later.

If you haven't made an angel food cake before, I would highly suggest it. It is a perfect treat that is light, not too sweet, keeps well, and makes quite a bit if you use small slices.

What's my favorite way to eat angel food cake? With a drizzle of chocolate syrup and fresh berries!

Happy Cooking!


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sugarcookie067 said...

Simply beautiful, Joy!!! Hey, I'm gonna take some time off around my birthday to come to the farmer's market. When does it open?

Joy B. said...

Holly, It's open all year round from 8-8. Mom and I were just there when she was down. Can't wait for you to come down!