Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Picking

In our area strawberries took a real hit from all of the bad weather we have had this spring and summer. Most farms aren't allowing pick your own and the fruits are small, seedy, and scarce. We were able to find 8 quarts of acceptable strawberries to make jam from.

Check out the photos below of yesterday's pickings.

The berries we had left went to make strawberry shortcake! If you're looking for a tasty recipe for strawberry shortcake, you can find it here.

Happy Cooking!


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Elizabeth said...

We are still waiting for strawberries here. I tried pick your own once when I was much younger. I now just buy the picked...saves my knees, back, sanity.

We are a divided family as re' husband will eat it any way, one daughter likes the biscuity cakelet , son and other daughter like a more moist cakey recipe. I prefer making an angel food cake. Everyones choice is homemade pound cake, given that option. So they never know what they are getting and I try to rotate recipes fairly.

Oh yes...some want whipped cream, some vanilla ice cream.