Thursday, June 30, 2011

That's Nuts!

This squirrel is really funny. I happened upon him when I went out on my deck last night. I was surprised when he didn't run away. I went back inside and got him a peanut. That started an hour of peanut tossing with the squirrel, a chipmunk, and a blue jay.

I love feeding the birds and squirrels. Not only do we get to observe nature, but we also help them get the food that they need. Although, I may have to admit I have created a monster, he now knocks at my door for nuts!

If you are interested in building your own back yard habitat, this site is a great resource.
Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Happy Thursday!



Elizabeth said...

I like feeding the wildlife too. Don't specifically feed squirrels but they endlessly attempt to raid the feeders and they munch on the dropped seeds. The hummingbird feeder is right at the kitchen window so we have of really good view of them. The others are dispersed through out the back yard, mostly in a ring around the patio.

We had (rehearsal) dinner at my daughter's new in-laws house last week and I was delighted to see she (M.I.L.) had lots of feeders and a bird book and binoculars laying on her window ledge also.

My favorites are the mourning doves...I love their gentle call and they just like to come along behind the other birds, never pushing, just grazing on the ground or enjoying the birdbath.

Joy B. said...

I have 2 bird feeders on my deck, a humming bird feeder, and a suet feeder. The doves are really nice birds. I have enjoyed them about as much as the hummingbirds.

I am so pleased with all of the wildlife. When I moved here about a year ago, there were hardly any birds. Now since I put out my feeders and plants,birds have flocked to my yard. My neighbors are doing the same now. It really creates a nice space.

Elizabeth said...

Don't forget to do oranges for the orioles. I save the drying up ones no one will eat so have a good supply. Just cut in half. I have a hanger for them. They are so bright and fun to watch. Sometimes they get into the hummingbird feeder and are trying to hang upside down to eat as there are no footholds.

I don't do suet here except in the winter as it attracts grackles and I can't stand grackles. They are bullies...the thugs of the bird world. They have eaten eggs out of nests, even pulling the babies right out the opening of the bird houses.

Joy B. said...

I would love to get orioles. I think this fall I will be building bluebird houses to put out next spring in hopes of luring some next year. I don't really have a problem with Grackles, I have blue jays bullying the yard.