Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Buzz With Joy B.

As I sit on my deck I am amazed at just how busy bees really are. They are such an asset to our gardens and our kitchens. They pollinate flowers, produce delectable honey, provide wax and are fun to watch buzz busily around the garden.

Unfortunately, the number of bees is dwindling due to a variety of factors. The USDA lists the following reasons for Colony Collapse Disorder: pesticides, parasites, stress, mites, and migratory stress.
This is nuts!

What can we do to help?

Plant flowers that draw honey bees,
Buy local honey,
Limit use of pesticides,
Garden organically,
Don't kill bees,
Take precautions to keep your house sealed up so a colony doesn't make a home in your home, and
Provide water for birds, bees, and other outdoor wildlife.

Bees although small, have a pretty big job. With a little planning on our part, we can ensure that our tea stays sweet, and our gardens are blooming.

That's the buzz, 

Joy B.

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Trish Killion said...

Yes - buy local honey!!! (My husband and I keep bees and I sell the honey at our local Farmer's Market!)