Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Canned Peaches

 I have very fond memories of making peaches with my Mom and my Grandfather in the summer. It was always the hottest day of the year and we were in the kitchen with peach juice running up to our elbows, peeling hot peaches, and filling hot jars. It was a hot and sticky job, but it was so much fun.

Last year I gave canning a try for the first time. I loved it. Adam and I worked side by side in our tiny kitchen and produced some very delicious canned peaches. We loved having perfectly ripe peaches all year round.  It meant lots of cobblers, pies, ice cream toppers, and peaches just out of the jar.

I thought I would share the recipe I use today. It comes from the Ball Blue Book. I use the Peaches in Apple Juice Recipe which also happens to be a low sugar/ diabetic recipe. I don't use it because I'm diabetic, I just dislike fruits in super sweet syrup. These peaches are sweet, but no sweeter than a good summer peach.

Peaches in Apple Juice    From Ball Blue Book

2 to 3 pounds of Freestone Peaches, per quart
Apple Juice, The recipe calls for unsweetened, I am pretty sure I used regular apple juice
Fruit Fresh Produce Protector, optional, but helps prevent darkening.
Water bath canner
Butter knife to remove air bubbles.

Wash, blanch, peel, pit, and halve peaches.  Place peaches in a large bowl and sprinkle with Fruit Fresh produce protector if desired. Rinse and drain several times to remove. 

Heat peaches in water one layer at a time, until peaches are hot. Heat apple juice to a boil. Pack hot peaches in jars cavity down, fill with juice leaving a half inch head space. Remove air bubbles, wipe the tops of the jars with a damp rag, and top with the lid. Process pints 20 minutes and quarts 25 minutes in a water bath canner.

Remove hot jars carefully and place on a dish towel to cool. Use any cans that don't seal within a few days. 

Happy Cooking!


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