Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch Meat Sushi

If you are looking for an fun snack or easy lunch idea this lunch meat sushi is perfect.

Lunch Meat Sushi Makes 12 Sushi Rolls

12 thin slices of ham or turkey
4 slices of cheese

Stack three slices of deli meat on a cutting board, top with one slice of cheese. Tightly roll and cut into thirds. Repeat with remaining meat and cheese.

Serve with fresh veggies for a healthy lunch.

Happy Cooking!



Elizabeth said...

Make them real sushi. It is so easy. I noticed even our grocery store now has a sushi making kit in the Asian food section. In fact my daughter just called me from home to find out where the nori was, she thought we were out.

Joy B. said...

It's great that your store has those items on hand. Ours doesn't and the nearest specialty store is about an hour away, a little too far to go for an after school snack.

Elizabeth said...

That is too bad. I don't remember where I bought my sushi making stuff---it's just a reed mat to assist with rolling. Oh, I know, I think it was from Barnes and Noble and came along with a nice cookbook with lots of pictures.

I am sure my grocery manager heads the other direction if he sees me because he knows I will want to know why they dropped another item that I can't find, always a staple item, too. The latest is bulk spices. Aargh.