Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Matzo Ball Soup

I realized last night that  I was getting sick. I am really not a fan of being sick, not that anyone really is. My mind went to various home remedies that I could try to keep the creeping crud from creeping.  I thought about gargling vinegar, making a concoction of hot water, lemon and honey. Then my mind turned to our theme of the month, soup.

When I was in Cleveland a few months ago, my Aunt was getting some surgery done at the Cleveland clinic. While I was in the area I visited my new favorite deli and had the very best matzo ball soup. It not only perked up our spirits, but it did wonders on my Aunt who was still feeling funny from the Anesthesia. There is just something about soup that does that to us. Soup is such a comfort to us. when we are sick. I don't know if that's because as we grow our mothers pack us full of chicken soup for every ailment or if it is just because it's just good. Either way, soup is easy to make, hard to keep around, and healing to the body and spirit.

Today I am sharing Smitten Kitchen's Matzo Ball Soup Recipe. Head on over and grab a bowl. It's what I plan to do today.They don't call it penicillin in a bowl for no reason.

Happy Cooking!


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