Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wendy's Chili Copy Cat

I don't think chili gets any better than at Wendy's. I don't really eat fast food very often, but when I do it is almost always a container of Wendy's Chili and a baked potato or tossed salad. I try to eat healthy and when you are on the go, this chili fits the bill.

Photo and Nutrition From Hungry Girl
Back when we were in college, my husband and I would go to Wendy's often. After all,  there was a Wendy's right at the end of his dorm's parking lot. We would usually buy a book of those frosty coupons books around Valentine's day or Halloween and spend the rest of the year free getting Frosty's and splitting an order of fries. So Wendy's is kinda a special treat for us.

I'm really happy because I have struck Google gold! I have located the coveted recipe for Wendy's chili! I know what I am bringing to the super bowl party! Thanks to Top Secret Recipes, I will be making a huge crock-pot of this chili very soon! Maybe, I should plan on making some chocolate shakes too...

Happy Cooking!


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