Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Cleaners

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, a lot of people really liked my last homemade laundry soap share, I thought I would share some other homemade cleaning products that I found while cruising around the web.

This recipe comes from How Does She. The detergent is reviewed by several people who all seem to love it. It is a powdered detergent and contains fabric softener. I think when I've used up my soap, I will give this one a try. The only thing that I don't like about the liquid is that it doesn't smell as good as the store bought, this one is supposed to remedy that problem.Get the recipe from How Does She.

I'm always looking for a product with ingredients that I would usually have around the house. This is a bathroom spray cleaner that uses dawn dish soap, and vinegar. It's top rated, all I need is a bottle and this is going to be my next bathroom cleaner.

Toilet cleaners are always so toxic smelling. Once as a teen I read that denture cleaning tablets worked well to clean toilets. I bought a pack of the cheap tablets at Walmart tossed two in the bowl and waited until they stopped fizzing, and gave a quick once over with a toilet brush. I was amazed at how clean the toilet got, and I had to do hardly any work.

If you feel like your carpets are in need of a freshening, This is a trick that I have used in the past with great results DIY Carpet Freshener.
This will have your house smelling fresh as a lavender field!

Happy Cleaning!


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Andrea said...

I love these ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.