Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chocolate Cupcake for Two Recipe Review

I recently gave Brett Bara's recipe for Two (Exactly Two!) Chocolate Cupcakes a try. I thought I owed it to my readers to give a review of the recipe.

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I made them for my husband's birthday. We had a big party over the weekend to celebrate, but I still wanted to do something a little special for his actual birthday. These cupcakes were so easy to make. I had all of the ingredients on hand, it took two bowls, and no special equipment. The cakes baked up beautifully. They were fluffy, chocolaty, and delectable. The best part was the wonderful icing recipe that is included in the cupcake recipe.

The whole cupcake and icing combo reminded me of a way better version of a Hostess Chocolate Cupcake (minus the cream of course) and I will be making these cupcakes whenever the mood strikes.

If you're craving a little chocolate dessert, then you have got to try this recipe. I give it 5 out of 5 Golden Spoons!

Happy Cooking!



Elizabeth said...

I have seen dessert recipes like this and reading, it takes just as much work, just as much time. That is what a break room is for at work...drop off the other dozen cupcakes or the other half of the pie or coffeecake. They are inhaled in no time flat.

The only advantage I see would be if someone just wants the one really good treat to enjoy the one time without all the leftover temptation around the house.

They look delicious, and the picture reminds me I am running out of cute cupcake papers.

Joy B. said...

I really like desserts for two, maybe that's because it's just the two of us here and I don't like a lot of extra sweets hanging out around the house.

Another thing I like is that I always have enough of the ingredients on hand and rarely have to run out to get extra eggs or butter or whatever because I already have that in the fridge since it is such a small quantity.

I've always been a fan of mini desserts though. It allows me to have a little of this one day, and a little of something else later on. I don't have to worry about over indulging because there isn't anything left to tempt me and I don't get sick of it because there is so much of it.