Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Post: Have No Fear, Dr. Mom is Here!

Being a mom is tough work. Our kids turn to us with their problems, expecting us to have the answer. We can’t panic when they come to us with a boo boo! And we don’t want to expose them to harmful chemicals and toxins. We can handle it when we are prepared. We can be Dr. Mom!
Therapeutic grade essential oils are the answer! Essential oils are aromatic liquids derived from plants. Their use in everyday life dates back to 4500 BC, and today their health-enhancing benefits can be found in more than 400 Young Living products.
When your little one comes crying to you with a cut or a scratch, don’t panic. Grab some Lavender or Purification oil and drop one or two drops directly to the wound. These two oils also work on insect bites. Use one or two drops directly on the bit. You can also use Purification in a small spray bottle with distilled water to naturally repel mosquitoes. For burns, apply one to two drops to the affected area several times a day or as needed.
Aches and pains are no fun! The go to oils for these are Peppermint, PanaWay, and Valor. For headaches, apply a drop or two of Peppermint or PanaWay to the temples, forehead or base of the neck (avoiding the eyes). For backaches or other muscle aches, use Valor, Peppermint, or Panaway, or a combination of these oils, directly on the affected area. If these oils are too hot for little ones, just add the oil to some extra virgin olive oil or Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable oil and dab for a massage oil.
Colds, coughs and respiratory issues can be a problem and troublesome to mom. You don’t need to worry when you have your oils handy. For tummy aches, apply Peppermint (can be diluted as above) or Di-Gize blend directly to the abdomen. To calm a cough, use Lemon and Purification applied diluted onto the chest and back. These can also be diffused in the room where your little one is. Thieves can be rubbed on the bottom of the feet. For an expectorant, use the blends R.C., Raven or Di-Gize to get rid of excess mucus. This also works for runny noses.
For bronchitis, viral infections, pneumonia or bacterial infections grab Thieves, Purification, R.C., and/or Frankincense. Rub one or two drops of these oils on the feet several times a day or as needed. These should also be diffused three to four times a day as needed to clean the air and get deep in the lungs. Thieves and Frankincense can also be ingested by adding three to six drops of oil into a vegetable capsule for older kids.
If asthma is a concern for you as it is for me, grab your R.C. oil. This works great for asthma. Other helpful oils are Lemon, Lavender and Frankincense. Add two to four drops on the bottom of the feet two to three times a day. These can also be ingested in capsules.
For earaches and allergies, Lavender will be a versatile oil. Rub Lavender or Thieves on earlobes and around the outer ear for earaches. Do not put any oils in the ear. For allergies, rub Lavender or Valor behind the ears, in wrist, chest and bottom of feet. Diffuse for 15 minutes every two hours.
Finally, to calm the troubled child, grab your Lavender again and/or Peace & Calming (my husband’s favorite for stress!) and rub on the bottom of the feet. Add to bath water with some YL Bath Gel Base or diffuse 15-20 minutes before bedtime.
With these oils on hand you can tackle common first-aid situations. You can be confident and say, “Dr. Mom is in!”
 Post by: Anastasia Carroll

Anastasia Carroll
Anastasia is an ordained minister with a heart for seeing people fulfill their God-given purpose spirit, soul and body. She is excited about sharing God's healing with people through Young Living Essential Oils. You can visit her webstore and  Facebook page at

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