Monday, January 21, 2013

Daniel Fast Update

I'm on day 16 of the fast today. I have loved it. The first few days were a little touch and go, I was having some sugar withdraw and it was not very pretty. The baby still isn't sleeping through the night and is teething, so he is up anywhere from 3 to 5 times a night. It makes for a LONG day.

Once I got through the withdrawal I had a serious breakthrough in my life, I felt like instead of always being held captive to food, I was the one that was in charge. I wasn't eating sweets all day long to keep my energy up, I had more energy from the good foods I was eating. You can eat naturally, and still make bad food choices. Chocolate cake is still chocolate cake, whether it comes from a mix or the pantry. I found that intentionally preparing foods in advance that were what would fill me up (volume) not fill me out (fat) was key.

There are 5 days left for me on the fast and I am very excited to complete it. There was definitely a large amount of life change during this fast, not just physically, but Spiritually which I will share at the end of the fast. I know that I will be making a lot of these changes permanently.

For those that are fasting too, how is it going for you? What new and exciting things have you found in God's word? What's cooking in your kitchen?

God Bless you,


P.S. Come back tomorrow for a delicious Taco recipe that is perfect for your family and is meat free!!

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