Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Juicing, 5 easy recipes

I got a juicer at a yard sale a few years ago, and I'm sad to say it sat in my kitchen closet for most of that time. I honestly forgot about it. I thought I got rid of it. Cleaning that closet out a week ago was pretty profitable, I found my juicer! I've been juicing up a storm ever since! I can't wait to try spring fruits and berries! I've been feeling so energized and invigorated after I have some fresh juice. It takes minutes and really revs up my metabolism for the day. I'm a new woman! Here are some of my favorites so far.

Carrot- Orange Juice

2 or 3 large carrots
2 large navel oranges, peeled

Apple Carrot

2-3 large apples, quartered
4-5 large carrots

Orange -Mango

2 oranges, peeled
1 mango, pitted and peeled

Apple, Carrot, Ginger

2 large apples, quartered
3 carrots
1 in piece of ginger

Orange- Apple
2 large oranges
2 large apples

All of these juices are best if you drink them right after making them and serve two people. Fruits don't need to be peeled, cored, pitted or cut unless specified.

Happy Juicing!


Coming up next: Save those orange peels! I've got just the thing to use them for!

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