Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello old friend!

Hi, It's me, you know the writer of this silly thing. I started this blog more than 5 years ago. It's so hard to believe. The time has really flown by. When I started this blog I was newly married, had just relocated, and spent my time perfecting my homemaking skills. 

My life has changed so much in that time. I now have two little boys, a house, and a station wagon (I see the appeal of the van but, there is no way I can parallel park one of those. It's like a bus.) I feel like in recent months, I have really gotten back to who I am. I thought it was time to resurrect the blog. I really enjoy writing whatever inspires me

Who knows what could happen.

Here's somethings that I know are going to happen
  • Not everything will be healthy, organic food.
  • Not everything is going to be dessert, even though those are still by best post by numbers
  • Not everything will have to do with food
  • I might share some parenting tidbits
  • I might share some menus
  • Most importantly I'm going to write about what I want and not be confined to cooking food that tastes better than the box. I really don't have time for that, and that's not where my passion is anymore.
That's all hope you'll stick around to see what I cook up next.


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