Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Strawberry Fro-yo Pops

There is this great little frozen yogurt place near my parent's house. It's one of those pick your flavors, pick your toppings and then weigh it kind of place. It seems like every time I go there I always pick the same thing- tart yogurt (their unsweetened,) fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings. If I'm feeling particularly naughty I'll toss in a few Twix pieces and a dollop of their raspberry yogurt. It's sooo delicious.

Sadly, the one by my parents house is the closest to us and we don't get to it often. So last week I took matters into my own hands and whipped up a fro-yo pop that is just as tasty.

Strawberry Fro-yo Pops

1/2 large container of vanilla whole milk yogurt
1 pint of fresh or frozen strawberries
chocolate shavings or mini chocolate chips (optional)

Place strawberries in the bottom of a food processor and pulverize. You can leave big chunks if you want or puree them smooth. Add in the yogurt and chocolate pulsing to combine. Pour into a freezer pop maker and freeze until frozen hard. That's all there is to it.

Tip: To remove the pops easier, run the Popsicle mold under hot water for a few seconds. You can find molds at Walmart, Target, even the dollar store.

I **might** have tricked my kids into thinking they were getting something decadent for breakfast the other day. :) Mom is tricky like that! I'm working on a equally delicious mint chocolate chip variation. I hope to have that tested out later this week. I see these being a staple in my freezer this summer.

I hope you're enjoying the warm weather as much as we are! Is there a flavor you think should be next?

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