Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cheap and Easy Letter Matching Game for Preschoolers

I want to reinforce letters and numbers with my son. I know he knows them, he just doesn't want to sit and go over them. He's 4, a boy, and I totally get the fact that he is busy and doesn't like to write.  I still want to play school with him. So after some thought, I came up with this letter matching game. Here we matched the upper case to the lower case letters. It combines his love of all things stickers with learning letters. 5 minutes later and he was hanging it on the fridge. It's easy, inexpensive, and  this is something that I think we will use again. I see sheets of numbers and words in his very near future.

I made this free printable so that you don't even have to write or type out the alphabet. All you need are the stickers, and you are set.

Get the Free Alphabet Printable Here

I hope that you enjoy the printable, and that it makes your teaching time a little easier.


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